Create your own supreme brand with a logo, business card, and website with these great logo design tools.

Starting your own company from home, coffee bar or you just rented an office is nothing without an interesting logo, business card, and/or website. You’ll need something to communicate your ideas, products or services so start here by selecting a design tool that probably will design mostly for you, and is cheap for starters.

Logo design for Starting Company

Creating your own logo

A graphic designer (like me) will ask a few hundred for the brainstorm, sketching, and drawing your logo. It’s mostly very unique, but also not that cheap. So how do you create your own logo if you are no designer?

It’s easier than I thought at first, but there are some websites with tools that give you the edge of designing your own logo. Funny thing, it’s so easy and mostly cheap, that I was thinking of using these tools for my brainstorms. This way my clients will get a pretty good idea of the concepts and idea’s in high definition. 🙂

Start with the company name

But you just want to know what to do? Start with the company name and check if your domain name is free! Don’t type it in a browser or, but check it here for example
It’s important to have a domain name for your future website and most people start with the name, logo, etc. and discover that their business name is used by the competitor.. 🙁

Start with your name and logo design

Your domain name is free (or you are the owner at this point) so the company name is good to go.

I already reviewed and selected some logo design makers and online tools in a previous article “5 Logo makers reviewed for a better 2021” and which is updated in January 2021. But before you click and select one for your logo design process, think of the goals. Not only do you want to design your own logo, but also create a business card and possibly a website. I’ll give you a headstart here by giving you a list of websites and tools that do all these things for you, or a specific thing much better than the rest.

Not any websites to create a logo, business card, and website

I found two websites that do it all, but maybe these are not the best. Namecheap has web hosting, domain names, and logo design tooling, but the logo is ok, not great. You could say I did not search well enough, but I could not find any that do all good. LogoNerds is also talking about creating websites, but the quality is prehistoric from my point of view. I will look further to help you out next time and update this part soon.

3 websites to create a logo and business card, but no website

  1. (create your own)
  2. 48hourslogo (designerscontest)
  3. (create your own)

Create your website separately (explained)

As you want your business to develop over the years to come, the website technology needs to be well chosen. WordPress is a great platform, but no so for beginners. It’s a bit technical and even this blog is WordPress and I’m sometimes searching for changing just the contact form email. 😛 So I want to explain to you that there are easier website builders that give you a nice template website for not that much money.

I will review them soon in a new blog. For now, I would say look at Namecheap and WIX.

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*Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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