Do you need a logo design?

We check the logo makers and their logos for you. 😉

“Logo designers are all over the World.”

As a designer of logos, brands and websites I’ve made tons of designs for bigger and smaller companies. Some where perfect for more then 15 years and others where changed every some years. This because the online revolution came. A company logo design can be outrun by time and not communicate the whole company philosophy anymore when they launched a webshop or started with online marketing branding.

Different logo designers

Before 2015 most logos where designed by graphic designers. Sitting at a desk at home, in a design company or somewhere in a cafe with their Apple Macbook and Adobe Illustrator. They where the creator, creative minds and color thinkers. These guys and girls with a Art Degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, for exmaple. But from 2015 the World is changing faster then most people know. Logo design is taken away from logo designers and made available for business developers, web designers, startups and dreamers who create their own logo in minutes.

Create your own logo online?

Everywhere we look we see website where you create your own logo online with a free logo maker or logo design tool. Most of them start with the free logo promise, but as we know, nothing is free. Free logo design makes you think, but easy as that, you are designing a logo with you company name, slogan and colors.

Is a webshop?

Not really. Logowebshop started with an idea of selling logos for freelance graphic designers, like a platform for logo sellers and buyers. But this was in 2007 and after 13 years the concept is changed a bit. 😛

We like to help you as a company, web designer, startup and/or dreamer with finding a great fit. Looking and comparing the business that give you a promise with their logo maker, logo creator, tool, website or even graphic designer.

Questions for us?

Please be kind and ask any question about logos or our website. Do you have a suggestion for us please sent an email via our contactform.